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Guaguanco: The Rumba Musical

Guaguancó: The Rumba Musical (also known as Guaguancó: Oyelo Bien in Spanish) is available for touring.

This musical extravaganza pays tribute to the history of the popular Cuban Rumba. It traces the African rhythms that gave birth to the Rumba at the end of the 19th century through its evolution as a contributor to what is known today as Salsa. The production fuses the traditional with the modern, the authentic with the commercial. It depicts the story of the people who created the authentic rumba and its transcendence from Havana's shipping docks during the Spanish Colonial period to the Solares (ghettos) ending with a contemporary celebration of the dance today in Miami Beach, Florida.

It is theater inside the theater: drama, comedy, audience interaction and an array of dances and rhythms so exciting that an audience member from last year's performance at the Coconut Grove Theater funded a second, surprise encore performance at the Manuel Artime Theater! See photos from the encore performance

Choreography/Script: Neri Torres

Music: Rene Toledo, Neri Torres and Traditional Cuban

Photos courtesy of salsafoto.com & Tomas Loewy